Brunswick County Real Estate Continues to Be ‘The Place to Be’ in Retirement!

November 24th, 2015 / Ryan Powers
Brunswick County real estate

Brunswick County Real Estate

Brunswick County Real Estate, ‘The Place to Be’ in Retirement!

I was surprised reading an article here recently that stated roughly 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every single day.

I can’t tell you how many of these baby boomers reach out to us and say they are just beginning the daunting task of figuring out where in the south it is that they want to spend this next more relaxing chapter of their lives!

When this process first begins, many folks that we speak to are considering both of the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, and some even out west like Arizona, etc.

Even with all of the options, Brunswick County continues to be one of the fastest growing counties in the entire country.  In the last 10 years, Brunswick County and Brunswick county real estate has been ranked in the top 50-100 fastest growing counties (on a % population basis) in the entire nation just about every year.

Most folks are choosing Brunswick County for some of if not all of the following reasons:

  • Low Cost of Living.  Our gas this morning heading into work in SC was $1.80/gallon for 87.  Our Brunswick County real estate taxes are roughly $500/year per $100,000 in assessed value of property value.  Ie, a $100,000 home is $500/year for property taxes, a $200,000 home is roughly $1000/year, etc.
  • Laid-Back Lifestyle.  We have virtually no high-rises in Brunswick County.  Although most of us grew up visiting beaches with tons of high-rises, we don’t miss them at this stage of our lives.  Those high-rises bring masses of people that clog up the beaches, restaurants, and streets.  The appeal of these beaches is that they are extremely quite and family friendly.  Instead of an oceanfront hotel with hundreds of rooms, visitors here to Sunset Beach will rent a home on the beach and a family of 6-8 will stay in a home for the week.
  • Beautiful Beaches.  We have some absolutely breathtaking beaches here in Brunswick County.  The Brunswick beaches consist of  Oak Island, Holden Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, and Sunset Beach.  Everyone has their favorite out of the four.  The truth is whichever one you went to first is probably your favorite because they are ALL beautiful!  Great walking and bike riding beaches, calm water, soft sand, and beautiful sunsets with southern exposure!
  • World Class Golf.  We also have nearly 100 golf courses within about a 60 mile radius.  If golf is your thing, we have it in spades!  Us locals that are avid golfers are in golfer heaven!  With the amount of competition, the golf courses must keep the rates competitive and they also must keep them in great condition too if they are going to get play so it’s the best of both worlds.  There are literally too many good golf courses that it can be tough to choose which of the great layouts you want to tackle!
  • Friendly People.  Many of us living here now are not initially natives to the area.  That doesn’t mean you miss out on the infamous southern hospitality when you move here.  The locals have always been and are still friendly as can be.  That said, those of us that relocated from other areas are extremely fun and great to be around.  In large part, that is because we have no more winters to deal with and our most stressful decision of the day is what time we are going to go for a walk on the beach, what time is our tee time, etc.  Tough life!
  • Mild Climate.  This probably should’ve been #1 on this list.  Most of our residents seem to be moving from the mid-atlantic and northeastern states.  As some of you are probably all too familiar, they’ve had some pretty brutal winters up north here of late.  Our last few winters here in the Carolinas have been tougher than usual too, but let’s keep that in perspective.  Our coldest month is January with an average high of 56 degrees and an average low of 32 degrees.  By March, we are up to 66 degrees as an average high.  Most of us that have lived here for any length of time have played golf on or about New Year’s Day.  We do get a change of seasons, but our winter is about 2 months long & very rarely do we get the white stuff (and when we do it’s typically gone by about 10AM).  It’s a perfect climate.  We actually sell quite a few homes and real estate to folks moving here from Florida believe it or not.   What happens is these folks decide that they want no part of the cold anymore so they move to Florida from the northeast.  They realize pretty quickly that they went from one extreme to the other.  It is just too darn hot in Florida as by April they are up in the 90’s already and it only goes up from there through probably October.  They often end up moving to the Carolinas after a few of those extended summers and they actually have a term for it here – they call them ‘half-backs’.  The word signifies that they are now halfway back to their original home in the northeast!  They are only a day’s drive to their family and friends up north from here (instead of a plane ride or a 2 day drive from Florida) and they get to enjoy the mild winters without the excessive LONG summers in Florida.  It just seems to be a good fit for most coming down from up north with the convenient location and temperate climate.

At ASAP Realty, we are obviously passionate about this area.  You will often hear folks around here saying ‘Another day in paradise’ when asked how they are doing.  It’s the truth.  We have no stress here in the Coastal Carolinas, and here’s why:

  1. No traffic jams.
  2. No fighting for a grain of sand at the beach.
  3. No fighting for parking spots.
  4. No road rage.

And no unthawing the car or our bodies in the mornings for months on end.  In short, it’s Shangri-La!

Come and see for yourselves!  We pride ourselves on giving our clients an unbiased look at the entire area to see if it’s a fit for you and your family.  If it’s not then that’s fine too and you can move on to the next potential destination on your wish-list!  But, there’s a reason we’ve ranked amongst the fastest growing counties in the nation for the better part of the last decade.  We’d love the opportunity to show you why – if it’s a fit great and if not well that’s fine too!

We hope you have a great holiday season with your family and friends and please let us know if we can help with your Brunswick county real estate needs!

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